About EMC Research

Founded in 1989, EMC Research is a public opinion and market research firm serving a broad range of clients. Our researchers have been involved in thousands of public opinion studies, ranging from political polling and public policy research to market share and customer satisfaction surveys.

EMC Research has offices in Oakland, Seattle, Portland, Columbus, Irving, Orlando, and Washington DC serving a broad base of clients across the country and around the world.  With a full-time staff of 50+ professionals, our firm is large enough to efficiently handle large-scale research projects, but small enough to provide personalized attention to each of our clients.  
EMC Research is more than just a vendor providing a service; we are a strategic partner who will work with your organization through every step of the process to help you achieve your goals.  

Contact us today and make EMC Research a part of your team.

“EMC Research knows how to design a methodology and research approach that helps answer our questions and also provide data that can be used to advance our strategic goals. They don’t just use a one-size-fits-all approach —they tailor their methods to meet the needs of each individual client.”

David Lewis, Executive Director, Save The Bay


“EMC Research has been a key member of our team on a wide range of projects. Having them available to provide their expertise and advice is a great benefit. They know what they’re doing, what they’re talking about and they are always available to help. They do a great job of explaining their rationale and research projects in ways that are easy to understand. And we get results that we can use and apply to meet our needs.”

Joy Alexiou, Communications Manager, Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System