EMC Research Careers

EMC Research, an equal opportunity employer, is hiring a Data Scientist as well as Research Analysts and Interns.

Data Scientist Position Details
We are currently seeking a Data Scientist who will work with large data sets, cleaning, transforming, and aggregating data, build and maintain predictive models, and create static and dynamic data visualizations of survey data. The position requires a strong statistics and computing background and a desire to experiment with new technologies and data collection approaches. More>>

Research Analyst Position Details
We are always seeking Research Analysts in our Columbus, Oakland, Seattle and Washington, DC offices. The Analysts will learn EMC’s data management processes and use statistical programs like SPSS and R to analyze survey and market research data. Additional tasks may include assisting with questionnaire design, sample design, proposal writing and presentation design for quantitative and qualitative research projects. More>>

Intern Positions
We are always seeking Interns in our Columbus, Oakland, Seattle and Washington DC offices. More>>