international research

The world is getting smaller every day as worldwide market integration increases opportunities for business in markets across the globe. With our expertise in the United States and partnerships with other research firms, EMC Research offers any organization the ability to conduct inbound or outbound market and opinion research anywhere in the world.

For too long, huge research conglomerates have dominated the market, but not because they deserve to. If you are looking to conduct market research anywhere, you should rely on a company that gives you superior customer service and is an expert in its local market. EMC Research gives you that service and expertise in the United States and anywhere in the world through the IRIS Network (International Research Institutes).

IRIS is a partnership of independently owned market research companies from 28 different countries, covering four continents. It is the largest network of its kind in the world. Membership is limited to those who pass stringent quality standards and have outstanding international research experience. All members have a long history of providing effective solutions for business and institutional clients, offering unrivalled expertise, unparalleled flexibility, and unmatched customer service and attention. There is only one member in each country, chosen by invitation only.

If you are a company looking to conduct market and opinion research in the United States, or a company looking to conduct research anywhere in the world, please contact Ian Stewart for advice on your project or for a research bid.