EMC Research Services

EMC Research provides a wide variety of research services. We custom tailor our approach to achieve each client’s research objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible—we know there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Some of our specific capabilities include:

Research types

Electoral polling

Advertising effectiveness tracking

Market research

Positioning research

Brand research

Membership research

Voter research

Executive research

Research methodologies

Telephone interviewing

Intercept interviewing

Door-to-Door interviewing

Focus Groups

One-on-one interviewing

Web surveys

Interactive Voice Response interviewing

Other services

Multi-cultural and multi-lingual experience

Data processing and tabulation

Strategic consulting

Multivariate analysis

Market segmentation

Regression analysis

Peer review

Our goal is to conduct research that will help our clients produce real-world results. No matter what the methodology, we believe the best research is research that is used. A research report sitting on a shelf does not help a client meet their strategic goals and objectives.